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MILAN 05-06-07 JULY 2019

They are back for the second Italian appointment

Siegfried Hansen e Francesco Sembolini, still together for a special street photography workshop. Two important interpreters of the authorial and artistic street photography that will accompany you and guide you in its contemporaneity.

An experience that will change the way you interpret the space around us, both for street photography and for photography in general.

A three days full immersion of to receive many inputs, concepts, methods and experiences gained in the street environment. There will be many hours of practice in the street, with a theory that always comes at the most important moment: as a suggestion or correction of practical mistakes.

You will begin to think like artists and authors, with a path that will end with the analysis and discussion of the photographs of each participant.


  • To search with different eyes and to construct one’s own reality correlating elements and situations.
  • Learn the own identity.
  • Building with very little, but everything taken from the right perspective can be a lot.
  • To become self-critical by evaluating the originality of the work away from the banality.
  • Details to add or to miss. Details are the essence of a photograph.
  • Background” and “foreground” as the basis and subject of photography.
  • The perspectives with different focal lengths, because the equipment can not be the limit of inspiration and creativity.
  • Method and practice, the base of each training.
  • Psychology and behavior of the mind. The brain evades elements not important for survival, but fundamental in photography.
  • Become aware of the contemporary of street photography.


Siegfried Hansen is one of the most famous contemporary street photographers in the world and a member of In-Public, the most famous street photography collective. Judge and guest of all the main events of street and TV programs like Master of Photography. He is called to hold his famous workshops in different areas of the world.

Francesco Sembolini is well known in Italy and abroad for a street photography built through apposition of colors and graphic elements, creating unlikely scenes. Co-founder of the Italian Street Eyes collective and the Italian Street Photo Festival. Collaborate with partners in the street photography area for events and projects.



At the first part in the classroom in which Siegfried and Francesco will transmit fundamental points of their photography and approaches, will follow two long sessions of real “tutoring”. The two teachers will accompany the participants, step by step, within their modalities, making themselves observed during the whole process to arrive at the final shot. At the same time they will observe the participants and intervene in the field, where the mistake is taking place.


To participate at the workshop you need the photographic bases and the desire to open your mind! We want to know you before the workshop, so after registration you will need to send us some photographs that represent your photography.

With which equipment we need to partecipate?

As long as it is digital (for immediate feedback) your equipment will be fine. If you have more than one lens or “compact” machines, you can take them with you. A characteristic of the workshop is to understand that there is a perspective for every kind of equipment.

Workshop in English and Italian language

Siegfried and Francesco will be translated in Italian and English languages.


Each student can bring a computer with a post editing software to produce some photos taken during the workshop, with the advice of Siegfried and Francesco. Each participant will finish with a series of end-of-course photos, which will be discussed with the whole group.

Editing will also be a real discussion on the choice of ideal and functional photographs. A critical approach will be transmitted to which the participants will have to get used to the continuation of their photographic journey.



Friday 05

18:30 – 22:00 Teachers and workshop presentation. Theory part

Saturday 06

09:00 – 12:30 First practice session

12:30 – 14:30 Lunch

14:30 – 18:00 Second practice session

Sunday 07

09:00 – 12:30 Third practice session

12:30 – 14:30 Lunch

14:30 – 18:00 Editing session


One of the main and famous Italian photo shops, NOC New Old Camera in Milan. Their passion for culture and photographic education has allowed this fantastic collaboration. See more

Workshop price 350 €

Thanks to NOC partnership you can buy the workshop with early bird at 290 € !

(an offer for early booking within May 31, 2019 and with a deposit of only € 100)



Francesco and Siegfried are available for any information request. Fill out the form below or send an email to:

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